Buongiorno a tutti,

abbiamo il piacere di invitarvi all' Open Lecture >>ILLUSTRATION BEYOND THE PAGE>> 
con l'illustratrice israeliana >> ORIT BERGMAN >>  mercoledì 26 marzo ore 10.00 presso lo IED di Milano, aula B3.

"Illustration beyond the page"
I love the work of illustration, it gives me a opportunity to invent new worlds in which I'm the sole creator. In them I can invent new laws of gravity, of perspective and of color and style. After working on a flat paper for a long time I wanted to let my illustration leave the page and interact in the real world. Keeping the imaginary rules of my illustrations, and adding to them the elements of time, space and movement,  I created stage design and costumes for the theater, animal paper models for a circus activity book,  and even body painting. I'm always on the lookout, looking for new worlds to interact with, expending the boundaries of illustration beyond the page. 

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